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    Picture of Carrera 532 Professional Hair Dryer

    Carrera 532 Professional Hair Dryer

    Power to go. Carrera 532 is a compact hair dryer with all the features of your favourite full-size drier with permanent ionization, dual voltage, an airstream enriched with argan oil and keratin, two heat settings, Cool Shot, an overheat cutout and up to 1600 watts of power.
    89.00 QR
    Picture of Carrera 631 Professional Hair Dryer

    Carrera 631 Professional Hair Dryer

    A wind machine in salon-quality. If you want professional drying and styling results at home, you need the right tool: a hairdryer with an AC motor. That’s what’s at the heart of every professional tool. AC motors are much more robust and are designed for longer drying sessions. With 2,400 watts, our AC Hairdryer accelerates the airstream to speeds higher than a hurricane. It also has salon-standard features to care for your hair as you dry or style.
    99.00 QR
    Picture of Carrera 537 Hair Curling Tong

    Carrera 537 Hair Curling Tong

    Your stylist’s magic hands at home. You don’t need endless patience to put curls in your hair. We’re obviously not allowed to say which curling tongs work fastest and best, but we would like to point out that our extra-long, quality-ceramic-coated styling area produces beautiful, long-lasting curls 25% faster than other tongs. You also get a digital LED display, precise temperature settings and Cool Touch Tip for safe styling.
    110.00 QR
    Picture of Carrera 421 Professional Wireless Shaver

    Carrera 421 Professional Wireless Shaver

    Smooth operator. The key to efficient, precise shaving is to put the sharpest possible blades under the foil, then do as big an area as possible at once. A close shave with no pinching and pulling is also a gentle shave, so sharp blades that hold their edge give you a real advantage.
    99.00 QR