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    Terms & Conditions of Use


    Return / Exchange and warranty policy are subject to the provisions of the Qatari Consumer Protection Law N° 8/2008 with its amendments and to the below-mentioned terms and conditions:


    Return Policy accepted subject to the below condition

    • Before delivery within 24 hours, the customer can cancel the order and a refund will be processed if paid by card.
    • After Purchasing the product can be returned as a packed unit, within 7 days from the day of delivery. 


    Refund/ Exchange of the Product shall apply only in any of the following cases and subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:


    1)       If the product is found to be defective / non-functional; or

    2)       If the specification of the product does not meet the Qatari specified standards; or

    3)       If any specified feature of the product is not available / not operational.


    ELECTRONYAT.QA will not exchange or return any of the products indicated under 1, 2, and 3 above if the below conditions are not met :

    •         The consumer does not return the Product to ELECTRONYAT.QA point of sale location within seven (7) days from the purchase date; or
    •         The consumer does not present the original invoice; or
    •         The Product returned is not in its original packaging, including without limitation all its accessories, catalogs, free gifts, and gift vouchers received upon the purchase date; or
    •         The product is found to be defective/non- functional due to customer’s mishandling, overloading, commercial usage, non-compliance with manufacturer’s instructions; or
    •         The Product has been tampered with or has undergone repair, adjustment, or servicing by persons not authorized by ELECTRONYAT.QA.


    Except for the cases mentioned under 1, 2, and 3 above, return/exchange of Product is not allowed on:

    •         Health, Beauty, Personal Care Products (due to reasons of hygiene), Laptops, Mobiles, Cameras, Printer Cartridges, Consumable and PC software and accessories.
    •         Displayed / out-of-box Product which is construed to be inspected by the customer prior to purchase, who is aware of the Product’s “as is” condition.  


    In return cases, the refund will be made in the same form of payment originally used for the purchase. i.e for products purchased by credit card the refund will be made to the customer’s credit card account as per the policies of the corresponding bank. For products purchased by a cheque, the refund will be made by cheque or cash.


    If the Product to be exchanged or refunded if returned to ELECTRONYAT.QA point of sale following the seven (7) days from the purchase date, the warranty terms and conditions hereunder shall apply:


    Warranty Terms & Conditions

    •         All ELECTRONYAT.QA products carry a warranty of one year from the purchase date.
    •         Only the compressors of the Air Conditioner (split & window) is eligible for a 5-year warranty from the purchase date. In the case of compressor replacement, the labor and gas refilling will not be charged.
    •         Unless specified otherwise, Accessories and consumables are not covered under this warranty. ( remote control, air filter )
    •         The warranty strictly covers the manufacturing defects of the product.
    •         The warranty claim can only be accepted i) if the Product is used under the specified conditions and for the specified purposes and ii) subject to the submission of the original invoice and warranty card.
    •         The warranty claim does not apply with respect to any Product which has been tampered with, or which has undergone repair, adjustment, or servicing by persons not authorized by ELECTRONYAT.QA.
    •         The warranty is limited to the repair or exchange of the defective Product, depending on the required repair period

    If the repair period of the Product exceeds fifteen (15) days, ELECTRONYAT.QA will repair the Product and will provide consumers with an alternative product free of charge for use during the repair period.

    If the Product cannot be repaired within thirty (30) days, ELECTRONYAT.QA will exchange the defective Product. In case they said the exchange is not possible, ELECTRONYAT.QA shall refund the consumer.


    The liability of ELECTRONYAT.QA for any defective product shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the defective product.