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    Varta Recharge Accu Power Rechargeable Battery 9V 200 mAh (56722101401)

    Brand: VARTA
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    VARTA Recharge Accu Power batteries offer the widest NiMH assortment, making them the best energy solution for everyday devices. Whether it's low drain or high drain devices, VARTA has you covered. All sizes and capacities are 'Ready To Use' with very low self-discharge, meeting the highest consumer demands for reliable, long-lasting performance.
    SKU: AVAVA21014010
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    45.00 QR
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    The features of VARTA Recharge Accu Power batteries include:

    1. Wide NiMH Assortment: VARTA offers the most comprehensive selection of NiMH rechargeable batteries, ensuring they can power a wide range of everyday devices efficiently.

    2. Versatility: These batteries are suitable for both low drain and high drain devices, making them a versatile energy solution for various electronic gadgets.

    3. Ready To Use: VARTA batteries come pre-charged and are 'Ready To Use' straight out of the package, providing immediate power for your devices without the need for initial charging.

    4. Very Low Self-Discharge: These batteries have a very low self-discharge rate, allowing them to retain their charge even after long periods of storage, ensuring they are always ready to go.

    5. Long-Lasting Performance: With their reliable power output, VARTA Recharge Accu Power batteries deliver consistent performance, ensuring your devices operate optimally for extended periods.

    6. Eco-Friendly: As rechargeable batteries, VARTA helps reduce waste and environmental impact compared to single-use disposable batteries.

    7. Cost-Effective: Rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly, leading to cost savings over time compared to using single-use batteries.

    8. High Consumer Demands: VARTA is designed to meet the highest consumer demands for quality, performance, and reliability.

    9. Suitable for Everyday Use: These batteries are specifically tailored to meet the energy needs of common everyday devices, making them a practical choice for households and personal gadgets.

    10. Reliable Power Solution: VARTA Recharge Accu Power batteries provide a dependable power source, ensuring your devices run smoothly and consistently.

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