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    TORRAS COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner, Wrap-around Cooling Neck Fan - WHITE

    Brand: Torras
    799.00 QR
    Offer price: 499.00 QR
    - Chill, instantly. Cool down 27°F in 1S. - Immersive wrap-around cooling with KU 2.0 chip. It improves the cooling performance at its best. Turn it on, turn heat off. - Colossal 3D airflow power for neckfan. Fully personalize your temperature, anytime, anywhere. - Live it up from dusk 'til dawn, 3H charge for up to 20H use - Flex-to-fit 0-160°, COOLIFY 2 makes one-size-fits-all possible. - Smart, as it should be. NTC smart temperature control and LED hidden design keep your temperature more manageable. - Portable and safe, cooling made easy. Wrap around and breeze your neck safely thanks to 13x safety protection. - Heating, from the inside out. It is also designed for keeping you warm in colder months. Go heated, go totally warm. United States Patent, Patent No.: US 11,187,241 B1
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    799.00 QR
    Offer price: 499.00 QR
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    Carry Your Cool

    COOLIFY 2 Long Endurance Version

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    Highlight of COOLIFY 2


    Cool, On The Go

    COOLIFY 2 is the only wearable device that you can't miss, when you're planning a trip in summer. From the way to Disney or Anime Expo, to the immersive experience of the trip you long for, to the location in between scheduled activities, COOLIFY 2 keeps bringing a breeze with you, giving you peace of mind, not swelter.

    Essentials for Outdoor Work

    Some may have to work outdoors such as moving or delivering goods, mowing and more. A COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner is the summer must-have for them to beat the unbearable heat. Air flows rapidly around and leaves coolness, making work more delightful and productive.


    Workout Made Easy

    Sweating profusely is common when doing some daily cycling or jogging. COOLIFY 2 makes it easy and effective to relieve the fatigue caused by sweating. Wraparound design totally frees your hands while it's light and quiet enough for relaxing exercise. Fan mode is great for workouts, with the gentle wind that keeps you cool but not uncomfortable.


    Why Choose COOLIFY 2?


    Iconic Cooling

    Get cool in 1 second! Exclusive cooling plates are combined with a targeted blast of airflow, giving you instant relief on the go or at home.


    Individual Temp. Control

    3 optional speed modes are tailored for individuals for precise temperature control. Manage your personal temperature anytime.


    Sleek & Delicate Design

    Exquisite like a work of art. Upgraded IMD material and premium touch feel add ultimate enjoyment to your cooling experience.


    Iconic Upgrade

    Longer battery life ensures you enjoy the coolness it brings most of the time.

    Products specifications
    Model Coolify 2 Long Endurance Edition
    Charging 3.5H
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