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    TCL Cassette Air Conditioner,TCC-24CCRA/UT-2Ton

    Brand: TCL
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    The TCL Cassette Air Conditioner, model TCC-24CCRA/UT, is a 2-ton capacity cooling system designed for efficient and effective climate control in various indoor spaces. This cassette-style air conditioner is installed in the ceiling, making it a discreet and space-saving option for cooling larger areas. With its advanced cooling technology and user-friendly controls, it provides reliable and customizable cooling performance, making it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial applications.
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    3600.00 QR
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    Product Name: TCL Cassette Air Conditioner, TCC-24CCRA/UT-2Ton

    Product Type: Cassette Type Air Conditioner

    Capacity: 2 Tons (23600 British Thermal Units or BTU)

    Compressor Type: Rotary Compressor

    Fins: Hydrophobic Aluminum Fins

    Refrigerant Type: R410


    The TCL Cassette Air Conditioner, model TCC-24CCRA/UT-2Ton, is a high-quality air conditioning unit designed to provide efficient and effective cooling for various spaces. Here are some key features and a detailed description of this product:

    1. Cassette Type A/C: This air conditioner is designed in a cassette type format, which is typically installed in the ceiling. This design offers a discreet and space-saving solution for cooling larger areas.

    2. Impressive Cooling Capacity: With a capacity of 2 tons (23600 BTU), this air conditioner is capable of cooling large rooms or spaces efficiently, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

    3. Rotary Compressor: The unit is equipped with a reliable and energy-efficient rotary compressor. Rotary compressors are known for their quiet operation and durability, ensuring long-term performance.

    4. Hydrophobic Aluminum Fins: The air conditioner features hydrophobic aluminum fins. These fins are designed to resist moisture and corrosion, enhancing the durability of the unit and ensuring efficient heat exchange.

    5. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant: The TCL Cassette Air Conditioner uses R410 refrigerant. R410A is known for its high efficiency and lower environmental impact compared to older refrigerants, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

    6. Convenient Installation: This cassette air conditioner is designed for easy installation in ceilings, making it a great choice for both new construction and retrofit projects. It offers a sleek and unobtrusive appearance when installed.

    7. Cooling Control: The unit typically comes with a remote control or wall-mounted control panel, allowing users to easily adjust temperature settings, fan speed, and other cooling options to create a comfortable indoor environment.

    8. Energy Efficiency: TCL air conditioners are known for their energy efficiency, which can help reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

    Products specifications
    Type Cassette Type Air Conditioner
    Tonnage 2 ton
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