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    Panasonic Slow Cooker - NF-N51AWTZ

    Brand: Panasonic
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    The Panasonic NF-N51AWTZ is a reliable and efficient slow cooker designed to simplify meal preparation. With a spacious capacity, it allows for the slow cooking of various dishes, enhancing flavors and ensuring tender results.
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    269.00 QR
    Offer price: 229.00 QR
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    1. Three Cooking Presets:

      • Low, High, and Auto settings provide flexibility for cooking different recipes. Users can adjust the cooking time and settings for optimal results based on the type of dish being prepared.
    2. Side Heater Design:

      • Ensures even cooking throughout the pot, promoting consistent results for all parts of the food.
    3. Thick and Durable Ceramic Pot:

      • The cooking pot is made of thick ceramic material, offering excellent heat resistance and durability. The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean and allows for food to be easily removed.
    4. Specialized Design for Heat Retention:

      • The slow cooker is designed to retain heat efficiently, ensuring stable heating during the entire cooking process.
    5. Heat-Resistant Glass Lid:

      • The lid is made of heat-resistant glass, resistant to staining, and easy to wash. It allows users to monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid, helping to retain heat and moisture.
    6. Protective Silicone Rubber:

      • Prevents direct contact with the hot glass surface, ensuring user safety.
    7. Easy to Clean:

      • The smooth, non-stick surface of the ceramic pot and the dishwasher-safe design make cleaning convenient and hassle-free.
    8. Overseas Use:

      • Designed to operate at 220 volts, making it suitable for overseas use. This feature is essential for users in regions with different electrical standards.
    9. Compact and Portable Design:

      • The product dimensions (11.3"D x 10.7"W x 11.7"H) make it a compact appliance that can fit well in various kitchen spaces.
    10. Touch Control:

      • The touch control interface provides a user-friendly way to navigate and adjust settings.
    11. Energy-Efficient:

      • With a wattage of 345 watts, the slow cooker is designed to be energy-efficient while still providing effective cooking.
    12. Stylish Design:

      • The white color and solid pattern contribute to a clean and modern aesthetic that can complement various kitchen styles.
    13. Round Shape:

      • The round shape of the slow cooker is conducive to even heating and facilitates easy stirring and serving.
    14. Weight:

      • Weighing 9.68 pounds (4.4 kilograms), it strikes a balance between sturdiness and portability.
    15. Dishwasher Safe:

      • The slow cooker is dishwasher safe, making cleanup convenient for busy users.
    Products specifications
    Type Slow Cooker
    Model NF-N51AWTZ
    Attribute 1 5.0 Ltr
    Attribute 2 3 heat settings, high, low, Auto
    Cord Corded
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