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    LA GERMANIA 90cm Americana Full Gas Stove 5 Gas Burners with Gas Oven & Gas Grill Burgundy AMS95C81BVI

    Brand: La Germania
    4599.00 QR
    Offer price: 3849.00 QR
    The LA GERMANIA 90cm Americana Full Gas Stove is a premium kitchen appliance that combines style and functionality. With its elegant Burgundy finish, this stove adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It features five gas burners that provide precise heat control for various cooking needs. The gas oven and gas grill offer versatile cooking options, allowing you to bake, roast, and grill with ease. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the LA GERMANIA Americana stove offers reliable performance and a classic design that enhances both your cooking experience and kitchen aesthetics. Model: AMS95C81BVI.
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    4599.00 QR
    Offer price: 3849.00 QR
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    The LA GERMANIA 90cm Americana Full Gas Stove (Model: AMS95C81BVI) stands out with several unique features that make it a remarkable kitchen appliance:

    1. Five Gas Burners: This stove comes equipped with five gas burners, providing a wide range of heat levels for various cooking techniques. The multiple burners allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, saving time and effort.

    2. Gas Oven: The gas oven offers precise temperature control, making it suitable for baking, roasting, and cooking a variety of dishes. Gas ovens are known for their even heat distribution, helping you achieve consistent cooking results.

    3. Gas Grill: The built-in gas grill adds versatility to your cooking options. Whether you're grilling vegetables, meats, or even making paninis, the grill feature lets you achieve delicious charred flavors with ease.

    4. Burgundy Finish: The stove's Burgundy finish sets it apart aesthetically, adding a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. The unique color can serve as a focal point or complement your kitchen's existing design.

    5. Spacious Cooking Area: With a 90cm width, this stove provides ample cooking space, making it suitable for preparing large meals or hosting gatherings. The layout of the burners and oven allows for efficient multitasking.

    6. Sturdy Construction: LA GERMANIA is known for its durable and reliable kitchen appliances. The stove's construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen for years to come.

    7. Easy-to-Use Controls: The stove's intuitive control knobs make adjusting heat levels and settings straightforward. This user-friendly design enhances your cooking experience, even for those who might be less experienced in the kitchen.

    8. Classic Design: The LA GERMANIA Americana series boasts a classic design that blends modern functionality with timeless aesthetics. This stove can complement a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

    9. Gas-Powered Efficiency: Gas stoves offer rapid heat-up times and precise temperature adjustments, allowing for more efficient cooking. They're also a reliable option in case of power outages, ensuring you can continue to cook your meals.

    10. Brand Reputation: LA GERMANIA is recognized for producing high-quality kitchen appliances with a focus on performance and durability. This stove continues the brand's tradition of excellence.

    Products specifications
    Type Gas Cookers

    • 5 Gas burners (one 0.48-5.00kW dual ring lateral wok)
    • 6 Multi-function thermofan gas oven 4.5kW with gas grill
    • Dual oven fan: Oven dimensions: 400 x 760 x 470 (142L)
    • Thermometer on facia to display the oven temperature
    • Singel handed electronic automatic ignition
    • Thermocouple safety cut off device on all burners
    • Kick plate (optional extra) for a built-in application
    • Seamless single piece stainless steel squared worktop
    • Cast iron non-tip pan supports
    • Airwashed oven door and control knobs are cool to touch
    • Triple glass oven door with soft close hinges (anti-slam)
    • Large utility drawer
    • 890-960mm x 895 x 600mm

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