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2023-10-04 11:22:13Mobile & Accessories

Honor 90 5G debuts in India with a 200MP camera. Check price, specs and more


After months of anticipation, the Honor 90 has finally launched in India, also marking the comeback of the Honor brand in the country after a gap of 3 years. Of course, the Honor 90 is an interesting phone boasting a set of cool and practical features. What’s also interesting is its price. That too, for a company that will be trying to carve a niche for itself in the cut-throat Indian smartphone market.
While the introductory starting price of Rs 27,999, given the Honor 90’s feature set, is pretty fine. My concern is — what happens when the phone reverts to its original price of Rs 37,999 after the “introductory price” period wears off? Well, nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. What really matters is today, and at a price of Rs 27,999, the Honor 90 seems to be a pretty good deal. But should you buy it? Well, we give you 3 reasons why you should buy the Honor 90 and 2 reasons why you should not.

The Honor 90’s display is totally top-notch, not just in terms of visual quality, but also in terms of safety. For starters, Honor has used an LTPO AMOLED on the Honor 90, meaning, you get a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. There’s FHD+ resolution, 10-bit colours, and HDR10+ video playback, but probably, the biggest feature here has to be 3840 Hz PWM dimming. For those who don’t know, a feature like PWM dimming is very important on smartphones, and it is high time smartphone makers took it seriously and started adding it to their phones.
So, basically, using our phones in the dark with low brightness can cause headaches and eye strain, because the screen flickers. However, with the PWM dimming feature, the screen flicker still happens, but it happens at such a rapid pace that the naked eye cannot formulate. This way, eye strain while using your phone in the dark is reduced, and this is why PWM Dimming is so important on phones. Currently, the Honor 90 is the safest smartphone display for the eyes. For perspective, the top flagships of today, i.e. S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro have 240Hz and 480Hz PWM dimming, so you can just imagine the difference here.

The Honor 90 is a slab phone, and it’s a big phone. But despite it being big, what really sets it apart from its competitors is the fact of how ergonomic this phone is. Despite having a 6.7” canvas, the Honor 90 sports very slim bezels, which means, the company has fitted a large display in a relatively compact body than its competitors. A body that is light. A body that is curved on both sides at the rear. In fact, at the front, the display is quad-curved, and as a result, I never really felt the rough edges while handling it. To top it all, the Honor 90 is not as wide as, say, a Nord 3 or iQOO Neo 7 Pro, which is why, despite having this large display, the Honor 90 is an extremely comfortable phone to operate in day-to-day use. Finally, the glass back in the green finish looks gorgeous and is grippy to hold. Overall, Honor has nailed the design with the Honor 90, and this is one big phone that never really gives the feeling of using a big phone!