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    Zenan 1500 Liters Chest Freezer, White - ZCF-BD1500

    Brand: Zenan
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    Maximize your storage potential with the Zenan 1500 Liters Chest Freezer in classic white - the ZCF-BD1500. Offering colossal space to keep your foods frozen and fresh for longer, its energy-efficient design ensures your power bills stay low while preserving your provisions at their best. Perfect for businesses or households looking to bulk-store with ease and efficiency. Discover a world of convenience and reliability with Zenan.
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    4999.00 QR
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    The Zenan 1500 Liters Chest Freezer (ZCF-BD1500) presents a blend of substantial storage capacity and efficient freezing technology, making it a prime choice for both commercial establishments and households looking for an expansive freezing solution. Here's a closer look at its enticing features and specifications:

    1. Vast Storage Capacity

    • 1500Ltr Gross Capacity: This freezer offers a colossal 1500-liter storage space, ideal for businesses that require storing large quantities of food items or for families who prefer bulk buying. Its capacity ensures that you can store a wide variety of products, from large cuts of meat to numerous frozen goods, all at once.

    2. Efficient Temperature Management

    • Mechanical Control Panel: Equipped with a user-friendly mechanical control panel that allows for precise temperature adjustments within the range of -18 to 22 degrees Celsius. This feature ensures that your goods are frozen and preserved under optimal conditions.
    • Dual Compressor System: Enhances the cooling efficiency, providing faster and more stable temperatures throughout the freezer. This is especially beneficial for commercial settings where the freezer is accessed frequently.
    • Bottom Condenser: Supports efficient heat exchange, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the freezer and ensuring that it maintains consistent temperature control.

    3. Environmentally Friendly

    • R134a (CFC-Free) Refrigerant: Uses an eco-friendly refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

    4. Secure and Convenient

    • Lock & Key Feature: Offers added security, allowing you to lock the freezer and protect valuable food items or stock.
    • Spacious Dimensions: With dimensions of 2900 x 900 x 991 mm, the freezer provides a substantial storage area while ensuring it can fit in designated spaces without hassle.

    5. Durable and Practical Design

    • White Color: The freezer sports a clean, white finish that easily blends with various decors and settings, from commercial kitchens to home garages.
    • Chest Design: The chest configuration allows for better cold air retention and provides an organized storage solution, making it easier to stock and retrieve items.

    The Zenan 1500 Liters Chest Freezer, with its blend of size, efficiency, and eco-friendly features, represents a robust solution for high-volume freezing requirements. Whether for a business needing reliable bulk storage or a household looking to maximize their purchasing efficiency, this freezer promises to deliver performance, reliability, and convenience.

    Products specifications
    Type Chest Freezer
    Model ZCF-BD1500
    Capacity 1500 L
    Dimension (WxHxD, mm) 2900 x 900 x 991 mm
    Cooling Type Defrost
    No of Shelf Adjustable Shelves
    Color White
    Free Standing Installation Yes
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