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    Panasonic Water Filter Cartridge P-6JRC for TK-CS10/TK-CS20P

    Brand: Panasonic
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    The Panasonic Water Filter Cartridge P-6JRC is specifically designed for use with the TK-CS10 and TK-CS20 water purifiers, ensuring a seamless and effective filtration process. This replacement cartridge employs advanced technology to provide high-quality water purification. The cartridge features a combination of powdered activated carbon and non-woven fabric components, effectively removing impurities such as residual chlorine, turbidity, red rust, molds, sediment, coloring, odor, and taste.
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    59.00 QR
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    1. Compatibility: The P-6JRC cartridge is designed to be compatible with Panasonic TK-CS10 and TK-CS20 water purifier models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

    2. Filtration Technology: The cartridge utilizes advanced filtration technology, including powdered activated carbon and non-woven fabric, to effectively remove impurities and contaminants from the water.

    3. Effective Filtration: The filtration system is highly effective in reducing residual chlorine by up to 95%, ensuring that your drinking water is free from unpleasant tastes and odors associated with chlorine.

    4. Long Cartridge Life: The P-6JRC cartridge has a long lifespan, providing a filtration capacity of up to 12,800 liters for residual chlorine. This extended cartridge life helps in reducing maintenance frequency and costs.

    5. Versatile Filtration: In addition to chlorine, the cartridge is designed to filter out other impurities, including turbidity (with a reduction efficiency of 90%), red rust, molds, sediment, coloring, and other removable matters, resulting in clean and clear water.

    6. Removal of Unremovable Matters: The cartridge is effective in removing certain unremovable matters such as iron compounds and heavy metals (silver, copper, and lead) dissolved in water, as well as salt (sea salt).

    7. Easy Replacement: The cartridge is designed for easy replacement, allowing users to maintain the water purifier with minimal effort.

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