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    Panasonic Top Mount Freezer 338L - NR-TG353BUSG

    Brand: Panasonic
    1979.00 QR
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    The Panasonic NR-TG353BUSG is a 338L top mount freezer refrigerator featuring advanced technologies such as AI-driven ECONAVI, Light Sensor+Inverter Technology, and AG Clean. It includes convenient features like a Chrome Handle, a spacious 35L Vegetable Box with Humidity Control, Jumbo Fresh compartment, and three Glass Trays. With energy-efficient design and a 2L bottle storage space, it offers top-notch cooling performance while being environmentally friendly.
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    1979.00 QR
    Offer price: 1739.00 QR
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    1. AI (Artificial Intelligence): The refrigerator likely incorporates some form of AI technology to optimize its cooling and energy usage based on usage patterns and external factors.

    2. ECONAVI: ECONAVI technology is a feature by Panasonic that intelligently monitors the refrigerator's usage and adjusts its settings to minimize energy consumption.

    3. Light Sensor + Inverter Technology: These technologies work together to adjust the cooling power of the fridge based on the amount of light and heat it detects. Inverter technology helps maintain a more stable temperature while using less energy.

    4. Chrome Handle: The chrome handle is a stylish and durable design element that adds to the aesthetics of the refrigerator.

    5. AG Clean: AG Clean likely refers to an antibacterial or anti-mold feature that helps keep the interior of the refrigerator clean and hygienic.

    6. 35L Vegetable Box: This is a large storage compartment specifically designed for storing vegetables. It likely has features to control humidity levels, helping to keep your vegetables fresher for longer.

    7. Jumbo Fresh: "Jumbo Fresh" could be a term used to describe a specific compartment or feature designed to accommodate larger food items or dishes.

    8. Humidity Control: This feature allows you to adjust the humidity levels within certain compartments of the refrigerator, which is particularly useful for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

    9. 3 Glass Trays: The refrigerator likely has three glass shelves for organizing and storing food items. Glass shelves are easy to clean and provide a clear view of the contents.

    10. 2L Bottle Space: This refers to designated storage space within the refrigerator door that can accommodate larger bottles or containers.

    11. Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency: This highlights that the refrigerator is designed to be highly energy-efficient, which can help reduce your electricity consumption over time.

    Products specifications
    Type Top Mount Freezer
    Model NR-TG353BUSG
    Capacity Gross 338 L
    Capacity Net 307L
    Color Glitter Grey
    No of Shelf 3
    Icemaker Twist
    Dimension (WxHxD, mm) L*B*H 600 mm x 681 mm x 1747 mm
    Weight 114kg
    0.0 0
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